PSIiTM`s motto

The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Mission and goals

Modern world cannot operate without machines. However each machine is worth as much as its inventor. This is why we care about people, without them modern world could not exist.

We concentrate on future, which begins here and now. We are focused on innovative technologies and creative solutions for industry. But in fact our main focus are young people, their strength and energy, who dream to have impact on future world.

Our aim is to provide practical preparation for students and graduates from technical faculties in order to be ready for future tasks. Through creating new educational opportunities, networking with our partners and academic community mobilization, we contribute to develop both economy and science.

We popularize the idea of effective assembly in the production processes, by promoting new solutions and innovative technologies. We write, talk about and teach what is important in today’s industry.

Together we create the future world, the world that is oriented on growth and innovation. The world of young people that together with us are already thinking about future.


Soon we will invite you to an event that has never yet been organized for engineers.

PSIiTM will dominate the Winter!


If you have any question, suggestions, ideas, please call or write to me. You’re welcome.

Robert Pogorzelski, CEO of PSIiTM.
Phone: +48 503 750 459

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Polish Association of Assembling Engineers and Technicians
Al. Niepodległości 245/17
02-009 Warsaw